In the fast Spinning world of fashion trends, there are things which make time freeze and become symbols of beauty and preserve the culture and historic value of the property they originated. One of fashion clothing is your Ao Dai! To anyone who loves Vietnam, whether you’re a tourist mesmerized by its culture or a local who spend his entire life in this alluring region, Ao Dai is one of those classic dresses which compliments perfectly the women’s shapes and tells the story of Vietnamese culture each time you wear it.

From While Dai means long, vietnamese, Ao translates as top. Though worn by women, the Vietnamese Ao Dai is a unisex apparel which comprises of a pair of pants and a dress with two flaps, made of the same cloth. The traditional dress comes in every colour of the rainbow Ao Dai can be a gorgeous celebration outfit or an clothing choice, and though it’s a traditional costume, depending on the print and the fabric.

Every Vietnamese Lady has at least one traditional Ao Dai in here wardrobe. On the other hand, the remarkably versatile and famed Vietnamese dress is won and made its way into the wardrobes of ladies . So you want to bring back home a present that significant other, mother or your daughter will love or whether you’re travelling to Vietnam and trying to refresh your wardrobe, Ao Dai is a great decision to invest in.

For those of You passionate about the story behind the traditional dress as well as the Vietnam culture, I invite you to discover the seat of the Nguyen Dynasty emperors, the former capital of Vietnam and a site from Hue. The blog appropriately named Lan Hue, is a project by traveler a storyteller and tour guide, and is dedicated to presenting in a form that is easy to digest the most cultural peculiarities of Vietnam. Here you will learn about the Vietnamese traditional dress, the iconic conical hat Non La, the gastronomical delights of this region (accompanied by easy to follow local recipes) and the must-see places in the enchanting city of Hue.

Whether you are Arranging a visit and working on your itinerary, or you simply wish to Find out more about the Vietnamese culture in a colorful and engaging manner, take A look at Lan Hue dot com site and become inspired. Who knows an Ao Dai Is exactly what your wardrobe is currently missing this season?!
For more details about vietnamese ao dai go our new resource.


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